Missions Trips

Missions Trip 2008

Welland, Ontario with the Harris Family

Daily Posts

Day #1

Hello Everyone,

We enjoyed a great first day here with the Harris family. We arrived on time at 11 and got settled in and saw the church.  I could tell the teens were surprised when we arrived at the church as the building is small…as Pastor Harris puts it “extremely small”. The building is right smack in downtown Welland on the border of their farmer’s market. Pastor Harris has done an excellent job with the building and has remodeled it from the MTO building it was. I think it was an eye opener for the teens to see a building that “doesn’t have a gym” 🙂

After lunch we headed to Old Ft. Erie and had a tour of the fort that was instrumental during the war of 1812. We will have to wait for pictures until I return because we are using dial-up here which as many of you know can a lengthy process with pictures.

After supper we started distribution and witnessing to teens in the downtown core. We broke up into three groups and spread out with each of the teens with a sponsor to go try and invite some teens to the Teen Extreme nights coming up. We did get some good response so we praise the Lord for that. The teens had an opportunity to see what sin does to so many teens lives. Our hearts we touched as we so many with no direction or purpose in their lives without Christ.

Please continue to pray for our teens as well as the teens and families we are praying we will be able to reach with the gospel.

Pastor Eagles

Day #2

We enjoyed a great day of ministry and relaxing on Tuesday (Canada Day). We started the morning with some physical labour and preparation for fundraising. Pastor Harris had some cleaning to do around the church and the girls spent a few hours of the morning giving the church a deep cleaning. They cleaned walls, bathroom, vacuuming, you name it. The girls did and excellent job and had fun together at the same time. The boys spent most of the morning shoveling gravel and dirt which they also absolutely loved 🙂 They did a great job and got alot more done than Pastor Harris or I expected. The Harris’ very much appreciated the help and were thankful to the teens.

After lunch we headed to Niagra falls. Each year we take one day as a “field trip day”. Because it was Canada Day, this worked out the best. We left at about 2pm to Niagara Falls and saw some of the sights, Ripley’s believe it or not, and in the evening enjoyed the huge fireworks display over the falls.

It was an enjoyable day and the teens are excited today about buckeling down and hitting the streets to invite teens for tonight. We have already had some call in requesting rides on the bus so we should have a great evening.

Pastor Eagles

Day #3

Yesterday was absolutely fantastic.  The morning was spent selling chocolates to help the school raise some funds to start this fall.  That went well and we sold more than half of the chocolates that we need to sell this week.

The afternoon was spent primarily in distribution of flyers for the coming evening.  It was a hot sunny afternoon, but the teens had a great attitude and spent a long time in the sun and got alot accomplished.

The evening of teen Extreme was excellent!  When we started at first there were just a few that showed up.   At first there were only two,  then about 15 minutes in to the hour they started to come.  We were excited to see a good size group of teens come to the event.  We praise the Lord for 20 teenagers last night who sat through a full 20 minute long gospel presentation.  Pastor Harris and I were both elated.  Teenagers are not always the easiest to get out to an event at a church, but God worked and we saw a great turnout.  The teenagers were genuinely interested in the gospel.  We offered New Testaments to them and many immediatly raised their hands and asked for one.  We gave them to them and many quickly stuffed them in their pockets for later.  Some opened them and read them right away.  As they left outside the church, a few of the teens asked me where they should start reading!  I showed them the gospel of John and explained to them that this was a great passage teaching more about salvation.   They all had a great attitude about it and are planning to come again tonight.

Please pray that God will work in the hearts of these teenagers.  God is working, but I know our adversary does not want to see these teens come to Christ.  Please pray for a continued open door.

Pastor Eagles

Day #4

We had another great day here in Welland.  The weather did not cooperate in the morning with us, but this was the first day that we had any problem with weather.  It rained until about noon and then we were able to get out and invite more teens to the teen activity for tonight.  During the afternoon,  at least four teens who were invited rode in on the bus.

During the outreach last night it was exciting once again to see a good group of teens out from the area.  28 teens were out that night and over 20 came in to hear a gospel presentation.  It is so exciting to see the teens being receptive to the message.   One older teen girl even made the decision to accept Christ as her personal Saviour! It happened during the game time after the message.  She had been listening well to the gospel and Pastor Harris was able to sit down with her and ask her about where she stood with God.  She was ready to hear and accepted Christ.  Praise the Lord!  Other teens are asking many questions about salvation and our teens are having the opportunity to witness to them and share their testimony about how God has worked in their lives.

Please continue to pray.  The Lord is working in and through the teens.  It is exciting to see them have a part in this ministry.

Final Post

What an exciting week!  God truly blessed on the Missions Trip and I am excited and proud of each and every one of our teens this week.  The Final night of Teen Extreme on Saturday started out well…rough.  Satan was really trying to distract and hinder the message from being preached.  We had our biggest group on the final night, but found it extremely difficult to preach the gospel.  Many of the teens we were dealing with teens from the street and very rebellious.  After the message, honestly we were all discouraged with how the evening was going, but then some of the visiting teens began to ask questions about salvation.  Three of them trusted Christ as Saviour that night, one of them being the ringleader who was causing us so many problems during the message time!  God does work in hearts!

Thank you to all of you who held this ministry up in prayer while we were gone.  I know that there were many people praying for this ministry and it was exciting for myself and the teens to see God work in the hearts of these teenagers.

Pastor Eagles

Missions Trip 07  Sault Ste. Marie

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